Sand 'n Sails is a scrapped chapter from A Hat in Time. This chapter would have taken place in a chain of desert villages, with wide stretches of sand in-between. In order to survive in the hot desert, Hat Kid would have to bring along a water flask and drive a sand cruiser across the dry, snake-infested dunes. Unlike other chapters, this chapter was supposed to be an open world level where the player could freely choose which Time Pieces they would want to collect.

Sand 'n Sails began development in early 2014, and was first announced on May 4 that year. However, due to multiple development issues, mainly with the visuals and gameplay, the chapter was scrapped. It was replaced in the final version with Alpine Skyline, which has the same open world approach but with a far different level design.



  • Several tracks the Wowl Band play are remixes of songs that were originally composed for Sand 'n Sails.
  • Although the chapter was scrapped, the desert region can still be seen on the map of the planet.
  • In Hat Kid's bedroom, a drawing of a place strongly resembling the desert can be found.
  • A promotional image of Thor's airship in the desert indicates that Thor would have had a role in the chapter, possibly as the creator of the sand cruiser Hat Kid uses.[1]



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