The Moonjumper is a character who was cut from A Hat in Time. In the original story, he is a mysterious puppeteer trapped in the horizon of Subcon Forest, and competes against the Snatcher and Queen Vanessa over ownership of the land. The Moonjumper would have initially presented himself as a guide for Hat Kid, but had more devious intentions.

General information

Physical appearance

The Moonjumper is a large humanoid figure with grey skin, red markings under his chin and eyes and no legs. He wears a red jacket with yellow buttons, a yellow shirt, and has chains hanging from his wrists. His left eye has two red circles, while his right eye has several red diamond patterns.

Personality and traits

Little is known about what the Moonjumper is like. He would have presented himself as a friendly character to Hat Kid, providing tips for her. However, the Moon Jumper had a far more malevolent motive, intending to trap Hat Kid in the horizon with him.[1]

According to the Snatcher, the Moonjumper lived in Queen Vanessa's manor, although the Moonjumper does not remember this. However, whenever he is shown an item taken from the manor, the Moonjumper becomes extremely fearful to the point where "he nearly wets his bed".

Behind the Scenes


Vanessa's prince

Early on in the game, the Moonjumper was intended to be the prince from Queen Vanessa's backstory. When the character was scrapped, the Snatcher was rewritten to be the prince instead. However, multiple

  • Both have a similar torso shape and jacket.
  • The Moonjumper has chains dangling from his wrists, akin to chains from handcuffs.
  • The alpha and beta builds both feature a song named "TheSubconForest_Masked", performed by Apphia Yu, which goes unused in the final version of the game. Several lyrics in the song hint that the Moonjumper was intended to be the prince.
  • In the alpha version of "Queen Vanessa's Manor", the Snatcher states that the Moonjumper used to live in the manor, but does not remember this. However, he still becomes extremely fearful when presented with an item from the manor.


  • Although the Moonjumper was scrapped from the final game, he still makes an appearance in Queen Vanessa's Manor; when the player reaches the attic, a large painting of his face can be found on the wall behind the camera.
  • The Moonjumper's theme was reused for the Badge Seller in the final version of the game.


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