Hat Kid is the main protagonist of A Hat in Time. She is an alien from another world and the owner of the Time Pieces, which she uses to fuel her spaceship.


A Hat in Time

General information

Physical appearance

Hat Kid is a small, humanoid female child. She has light skin, blue eyes and brown hair, which she has tied into a ponytail at the back. She wears a large purple shirt, white pants, brown boots and a yellow cape with a zipper on the front. Her primary hat is a large purple top hat with a yellow band wrapped around it.

Personality and traits

Powers and abilities

Behind the Scenes

Adult Hat Kid


Early on in development, back when time travel was supposed to have a larger role in the story of A Hat in Time, an adult version of Hat Kid was intended to appear as a playable character. She would have been playable in certain parts of the game, taking over from her younger self. However, due to issues trying to make her work, combined with negative reception from playtesters, adult Hat Kid was scrapped.

In the alpha and beta builds of the game, adult Hat Kid appears in the game's ending, walking out of a bookstore called Time's End. The player can walk her around the snowy town, but she cannot jump, run or perform any other abilities. Her files can still be found in the game and refer to her as "Hat Adult".


Hat Kid is voiced by Apphia Yu.



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