The Conductor is a character in A Hat in Time. He is a movie director, the conductor of the Owl Express, and the co-owner of Dead Bird Studio, which is also owned by his rival, DJ Grooves. The Conductor's role in the story is determined based on the player's own decisions, with him becoming an ally or an enemy.



A Hat in Time

As an ally

If DJ Grooves wins the Annual Bird Movie Award, the Conductor will call Hat Kid and inform her that DJ Grooves still possesses one of the Time Pieces and is aware of its power. He tells her to return to Dead Bird Studio to investigate, and ends the call. He later shows up during the fight against DJ Grooves and helps to remove the bomb strapped to Hat Kid.

As an enemy

If the Conductor wins the Annual Bird Movie Award, it is revealed that he still has a Time Piece and intends to use its power for his own means. Per DJ Grooves' instructions, Hat Kid returns to Dead Bird Studio and confronts the Conductor in the basement,

The Finale

General information

Physical appearance

The Conductor is an orange anthropomorphic bird. He has no discernible facial features, other than a large, jagged mouth with a violet tongue. He wears a black suit, a white shirt, a black tie and a black conductor's hat.

Personality and traits

Powers and abilities

Behind the Scenes




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