Award Ceremony is the sixth and final act in Battle of the Birds.


Award Ceremony

Upon selecting Act 6, the player will be asked if they want to give the award to the character with the most points. If the player refuses, they will have to replay previous acts to build up their favorite character's score. If both characters are tied, then the game will select a winner at random. Once the act is entered, the winner is selected for the duration of the finale.

Dead Bird Studio

Once when the player returns to Hat Kid's Spaceship, the door for the Machine Room will lock, preventing the player from leaving. The telephone will ring and, upon answering it, the voice from Murder on the Owl Express will tell Hat Kid that the award was rigged and that the winner still possesses one of the Time Pieces, aware of the power it has. The voice will tell Hat Kid to investigate Dead Bird Studio while no-one is around and ends the conversation by addressing Hat Kid as "darling" or "lassie", confirming the voice to be the loser.


Boss fight

Main article: Award Ceremony (boss)




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